Virtual Coffee




Every Thursday 1pm CET, we offer the 60-minute online “Virtual Coffee for Entrepreneurs”.


We believe that:


Expertise + Connection = Healthy Exponential Growth 


We want to support the entrepreneurs who embrace change and creativity.


Every Thursday, we deliver:


  • Game-changing insights from business psychology, neuroscience, marketing, and business,
  • Presentation or interview of experts,
  • The opportunity to ask experts and/or fellow entrepreneurs for advice and ideas,
  • 1 new topic every week,
  • The space to turn theory into practice.


You are always welcome! Feel free to join the Virtual Coffee whenever is convenient for you.




Here are some topics from our recent Virtual Coffees:


21 May 2020

How to make the most relevant career choice“,

presented by Jim.

28 May 2020

Limiting beliefs: overcome your fears“,

presented by Aliya Jasrai.

4 June 2020

How to coach yourself with self-hypnosis and altered state of consciousness (ASC)“,

presented by Marine Descols.

11 June 2020

How your personal past explains which clients you serve best“,

presented by Aurelie Hampel

18 June 2020

Reconnect to your joy“,

presented by Saffiya Arnous.

25 June 2020

Making choices“,

presented by Keith Westmacott.

2 July 2020

How to boost your visibility on Linkedin“,

presented by Fatema Adamjee.

9 July 2020

The process of unification for a chosen life in consciousness“,

presented by Estelle Storme.

16 July 2020

How your ecosystem impacts your leadership“,

presented by Gregory Rastello.

23 July 2020

Leading across cultures“,

presented by Gregory Rastello.

30 July 2020 The socratic method: how to ask the right questions“, presented by Theresa Meeser.
6 August 2020

The impact of colours on us“,

presented by Theresa Meeser.

13 August 2020

“The top 3 benefits of being client-centric”,

presented by Sonia Barbier.

20 August 2020

“Five top techniques of team coaching”,

presented by Andrew Shih.

3 September 2020

“How to connect with Chinese business partners”,

presented by Vincent Chan.

10 September 2020 “3 secrets to overcome procrastination as an entrepreneur”, presented by Ben Elvy.
17 September 2020 “Soften your inner voice thanks to your inner child”, presented by Christian Talon.
24 September 2020 “Explore your authenticity and shape your work accordingly”, presented by Daleen Baker.
1 October 2020 “Happy at work”, presented by Sandra Duran.
8 October 2020 “How to courageously show up for my team during Covid-19”, presented by Nadene Canning.
15 October 2020 How to be effective and present in turbulent times“, presented by Hélène Aubry Denton.
22 October 2020 “Let your strengths help you”, presented by Marion Campan.
29 October 2020 “Understand your emotions”, presented by Emma Vilarem.
05 November 2020 “Leading through disruptions”, presented by Dr. Amin Kaboli.
12 November 2020 “Navigating your career during uncertain times”, presented by Nathalie Baron.
19 November 2020 “Allow yourself to be heard”, presented by Carolyn Moncel.
26 November 2020 5 mistakes to avoid when starting your business”, presented by Simon Pilon.
03 December 2020 “Happiness by design”, with Uliana Shchelgacheva.
10 December 2020 “Leading with skill, managing for high performance”, presented by Dr. James Miners.
17 December 2020 Workplace Strategies: Best Practices for Reinventing Work Arrangements“, presented by Clark Elliott.
14 January 2021 “How to improve your bottom line by enhancing employee experience”, presented by Karin Casutt.
28 January 2021 “Room for High Performance – how space improves focus & productivity”, presented by Katia Steilemann.
04 February 2021 “Venture Capital: How does it work? How to raise funds from Venture Capitalists?”, presented by Claude Donzé.
11 February 2021 “Improving Behavioral Habits for more Intentional Decisions”, presented by Edgar Zambrano Ortiz.
18 February 2021 The role of emotional intelligence in creating a culture of courage and curiosity”, presented by Marina Lumley.
25 February 2021 “How emotional intelligence improves communication with coworkers and clients”, presented by Theresa Meeser.
04 March 2021 “Unfolding emotions: A journey from inside out”, presented by Nathalie Caycedo.
11 March 2021 “The feelings that trigger the performance of your team”, presented by Ayaka Mawarida.



The Virtual Coffee is free and takes place every Thursday at 13:00h Central European Time (UTC+1).