Private Clients


We offer a variety of counseling and coaching services for private clients.


    Psychological Counseling

    Psychological counseling enables you to let you of what is bothering you. You will go further and better by unraveling current misunderstandings and/ or pain.

    Business Coaching

    Who is business coaching for?

    • For founders who are at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey. It is very demanding to start one’s own business. Coaching will help you get the best use of your time and energy. You will get the support you need to build the structure which reflects your strengths and passion.
    • For executives who wish to propel themselves further, faster and with steady self-confidence.

    As leaders face increasing pressure to deliver results in the short term, our coaching sessions will help you:

    • Deepen your thinking: think deeply through the range of complex issues you are facing
    • Make your workplace more profitable, your team more engaged, people more positive
    • Identify your major strengths and areas for growth
    • Find deeper motivation
    • Feel more confident in your pivotal decisions, know better how to approach an issue efficiently, manage stress and expectations
    • Recognize the multiple and interlinked ways in which people interact
    Transformational Coaching

    Transformative Coaching is for: individuals who wish to activate the best in themselves more often.

    How do we coach you in a transformative way:

    • Ensure that you are heading for congruent and resonant goals and intentions.
    • Convert potential into kinetic energy
    • Through reflective state, reach the state of consciousness to allow positive intention to be realized.
    • Bring you in alignment with your highest goals and inspirations
    • Translate possibilities into an action plan

    What you will learn in our Transformative Coaching sessions:

    • vertical learning / generative approach: transformation of how you think, feel and make sense of your surroundings.
    • Improved relationships and interpersonal skills
    • Master long term thinking by taking small consistent action. It is intangible compounding.
    • Your thinking patterns, which will enable you to move from the vague idea of a goal to a clear way to reach your targets.
    How We Create First Class Coaching Experience

    Our approach to coaching:

    We deliver coaching sessions that help professionals activate the best in themselves more often. Coaching is partnering with a client in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the client to maximize his personal and professional potential. It is a professional relationship that helps individuals produce fulfilling results in their lives, careers and businesses.

    For managers, leaders, and executives from competitive industries, our one-to-one coaching sessions offer you a bespoke method of finding ways forward.

    In a nutshell, experiencing this individualized form of coaching will enable you to:

    • Discover more about yourself and overcome barriers
    • Align your intention with action: become more aware of your choices
    • Encourage the facilitation of new thinking and behaviors
    • Avoid pitfalls and obstacles
    • Let your creativity come out and then being able to expand it to a larger or unfamiliar space.

    In our sessions, we will switch between exploration and discovery, as well as expansion and focus. Our solution-focused coaching approach make creative processes emerge. We integrate thoughts, perceptions, feelings, and actions.

    Coaching sessions are one-to-one conversations based on a diverse repertoire of approaches, micro-learning and gamification, including positive psychology, EQ (Emotional Quotient), the new science of complexity and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Positive psychology is the scientific study of what is right with people, of what makes people thrive and flourish. To make the most of our time together, weekly sessions of 40-60 minutes each are optimal to help you process the content and incorporate concrete steps towards positive change in your everyday life.


    We offer a safe, private and interesting place so that you can:

    • Define solutions which will help you to move directly towards them  
    • Spot and use helpful resources