Our Mission


Benezet Bridge Consulting was created in order to give people and companies the tools, knowledge and guidance to implement latest scientific knowledge about human potential into their daily lives.

Witnessing the fast-paced virtualization and globalization of the workplace, we believe companies which optimize their workforce’s human potential, will be ahead of the game. Organizational performance is increasingly determined by resourceful individuals.

Benezet Bridge was founded by Celine Schulze. Celine is an IFC-accredited coach, with over 10-year work experience in the international finance industry. After working for a Swiss hedge fund and private bank, she became a financial advisor for institutional and private investors interested in Chinese and European small and medium-sized enterprises.

Celine has a French-German master’s degree in Finance and a master’s degree in Psychology. She also graduated from Peking University’s intensive programme in Chinese culture and Mandarin. She is currently pursuing her master studies in Psychology at a UK-based university. Besides her mother tongue French, Celine speaks English, German and Mandarin.


    Why «Benezet Bridge»?


    Benezet Bridge was chosen as company name to represent our mission. We are the bridge between where you are standing now and where you want to be. We bring you the resources and support to achieve your goals. We were inspired by a French shepherd from the 12th century, called Benezet.

    He strongly believed his vocation was to build a bridge on the Rhone river. At first, nobody agreed to help him as his project seemed too risky, at a time when the Rhone river was particularly restless. However, impressed by his courageous spirit and determination, people finally found some willingness to help him build the so-called Benezet bridge. This bridge still exists today.